Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Weekend Recap

May is probably one of the busiest months of the year.  At least it seems that way to me.  There are so many "end of the year" school events, graduations, weddings, and just fun things to do!  This month is living up to its business it seems.

Brittnee graduated from SCC Saturday morning, and we were pumped to be there to celebrate!  She has worked in the pharmacy at CVS, planned a wedding, finished school, and managed to have some fun in there over the past year.  Go girl!  

We celebrated with lunch at Olive Garden after graduation.  Side note:  I LOVE finding non-maternity summer dresses in my closet that are made for an expanding belly.  It's crazy how happy that makes me, especially when I'm rushed to get dressed and NOTHING else seems to fit.

Mom, Britt, and John!  Happy Graduation Day!!!

We spent the next couple of hours at Lowe's picking out a new vanity, commode, wallpaper, etc. for our powder room.  Then we met our handyman/painter/fix everything we can't fix buddy Johnny at our house to get quotes and arrange times for the work to be done.  I was making decisions left and right which is kinda difficult to me.  We actually think most of the work will be completed today.  That's why we call him Johnny on the Spot.

Saturday night, my friend Meredith got married in Spartanburg!  It really was such a pretty wedding.  She used lots of corals, greens, and burlap, and it was so nice!

I'm so terrible for not having a picture of the bride, but we were outside when she arrived and missed all of the good opportunities.

Ansley, Brittany, Lizann, me, and Wilson ; )   The bridesmaid's dresses (that Brittany is wearing) truly are something you could wear again.  

It was a fun date night at the wedding!

Brittany wanted to come see the nursery, but I had to break it to her that the nursery is currently non existent.  Am I a terrible mom?  We seriously plan on moving out the current furniture by the end of this week so we'll have space for the crib and dresser when they come in (hopefully next week!)

After the wedding, we went by to visit Baby Olivia.  She's already 2 weeks old and is getting cuter by the second!

I have a feeling this coming weekend will be equally as busy and even more exciting...with my brother's wedding and possibly our first niece being born!!!

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