Thursday, June 21, 2012

Baby Shower in Union

I had my 2nd baby shower last Saturday at my home church in Union.  My aunt Jeanie and cousin Anna hosted it, and it was just perfect!  

Caleb's family came up for the weekend so his mom and sisters were able to come to the shower, too.

Here I am with Wilson's 2 grandmas.  My mom still has to decide on a name.  I'm thinking Gigi for Grandma Gregory.  Caleb's mom goes by Gramme.  We didn't even plan to color coordinate, but it worked out.

We had some of my favorite foods:  blueberry muffins, cantaloupe, watermelon, strawberries, ham biscuits, and cinnamon rolls.  It was yummy!

I was showered with way too many gifts by way too many generous people.  Wilson is one loved little baby!

I loved catching up with cute Betsy and Nicole.  She's only 5 weeks away from her due date!

A group family pic:  Mabry, Ben, Erin, Marcia, Wellsleigh, me, Anna, Mom, and Jeanie.  These are just a few of the people who will be spoiling Wilson.

So, one thing I've always been obsessed with on little babies is hoodie towels.  I just think they are so cute wrapped up in them after a good bath.  I was so excited to get quite a few of them!

Alyssa gave Wilson this precious little outfit, and Banks has one, too!  They are going to be dressed alike, a lot.  Alyssa (and a few others) taught me a lot about fashion when I came to PC so it's only fair they teach Wilson how to dress, too.

And my musical friend Cameron gave me a Praise Baby DVD.  She's gonna come sing along with Wilson all the time : )

The Harmons gave us his first life jacket!  Everyone is thinking he will be making his lake debut this year, but I'm thinking we're gonna need to wait until next summer.  I don't see me taking a few week old infant and letting him play in Lake Murray, but you never know...

I was so glad Cameron and Alyssa came all the way from Lexington and Charleston to little ole Union to celebrate the baby boy on the way!  It's always great seeing them.  Alyssa is due just 8 days after me, and it has been SO fun going thru this pregnancy with her!

Here's a few of the other guests who came and spoiled baby boy!

My nephew Ben really wanted to take this dolphin home with him, but he ended up letting us keep it.

We came home to these studs who carried everything inside after completing a to-do list of fun manly things around the house : )

Thank you so much Jeanie and Anna for hosting a wonderful baby shower and to all the sweet people who came to celebrate!  It was lots of fun!

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