Thursday, June 14, 2012

Our first baby shower!

Caleb and I had our first baby shower for sweet Wilson on Monday.  Caleb's wonderful bosses and co-workers hosted a fun shower filled with yummy food, cute decorations, great people, and fun gifts!

We had delicious ham rolls, lots of fruit, and a precious cake!  It was so sweet of them to take time out of their day to celebrate us.  

The shower was technically for 3 different babies on the way, but it ended up being for only 2 of us.  The 3rd couple had their baby the day before, 4 weeks early!  So congrats Wes and Heather!  We missed ya'll.

Here's the cute cake.

Opening our first gift...onesies and diapers!  The essentials : )

A lot of the moms and dads went around the room and gave us parenting advice.  It was actually really sweet.  They told us cherish every moment, even the sleepless nights.

Here's Edie opening her gifts.  She's 21 weeks and is having a boy!

It was like an act of Congress to get these boys to stand together and smile, but they finally did it.

Caleb's bosses and us

We had a great time and are very appreciative!  Thanks WSPA-TV : )

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