Monday, February 18, 2013

Valentine's Day

It was this time last year that we shared our pregnancy news.  It's so crazy to me that the laughing, rolling, 18 pound bundle of joy I carry around all day long in my arms was a teeny little gummi bear in my belly one year ago.  He made our Valentine's Day extra special last year, this year, and I'm sure he will for years to come.

I sort of feel like I didn't go ALL OUT for Valentine's Day like I normally do with holidays, but last week was CRAZY for us.  I made sure to tell my valentines I love them and treat them extra special on that day.

We started celebrating on Monday when I made Caleb his annual red velvet heart shaped cake with homemade cream cheese icing.  Yum!  I'm so blessed to have Caleb to share this special day with, and I hope I can let him know how much he's loved every single day.

Thankfully, he doesn't care a thing about presentation.

Wilson practiced with his sippy cup on V-Day.  He's not quite ready for it...

I was off work on Valentine's Day so we went out to lunch together as a family.  Wilson really wanted to eat some Japaness yumminess, but we didn't let him try it yet.  Maybe next time.

Gigi gave Wilson a sweet Valentine book and monkey.  He loves 'em!

I'm not crafty, but we made an attempt...

He ate his card from Gramme and Papa.  Yum!

And he tried to eat Daddy's Reese's.

Great face, Wilson ; )

Caleb and I exchanged sweet cards and gifts, and we enjoyed spending lots of time together.


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