Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Children's Museum and Snow!

When the weather man said it was gonna snow Saturday, I didn't believe him.  I went running on Thursday in shorts, but I went sledding on Saturday in a ski bib.

We went to the Children's Museum in Greenville Saturday morning and then to Emerson's first birthday party.  While we were at the party, it started to snow, and within 30 minutes, the ground was covered.  It came down so fast, and we were so excited to get home and let Wilson play in it.  It was his first snow at home.  (He saw 5+ inches in Tennessee)

Caleb's parents, sisters, and their families all stayed with us this weekend so it was fun to spend time with them at the museum and in the snow!  

Ben and Wilson played in the farm exhibit

All 3 boys in the trash truck!

Moo Moo

This little piggie went to market

Wilson LOVES lights!


Shortly after I snapped this picture at the party, we headed home.  It's a good thing we left when we did!

Our back yard was covered!

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