Tuesday, February 19, 2013


We were SO excited to go out and play in the snow on Saturday with everybody, and I'm so thankful our sweet neighbor Luke came over with tons of sleds for us to use.  It was Wilson and Wellsleigh's first time sledding, and I think they loved it!

One poor sled has all 3 big boys.  Jimbob, Chad, and Caleb.  It's a miracle that sled survived.

Ben and Chad making the tough journey back up the hill...

Before the little ones had to go inside from the cold

Mr. Snowman, who later became a Snow Dog??

Weeeee!  Jimbob and G-Mac

We had many a snowball fights.  Little Ben got feisty out there!

First snow at this house!

Trying to stay warm with Gramme and Papa

The whole gang

Love our little fam

The McElroy's.  Garrison's Number One!

Our snow baby!

Our backyard was so pretty!

I can't believe I actually let my 6 month old, my pride and joy, go down a huge hill covered in snow on a piece of plastic.  But he loved it!

Am I a terrible mom for letting him do this?

Wellsleigh loved it, too!


We had SNOW much fun playin'!  

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