Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Wilson's Baby Dedication

Our church, First Baptist Spartanburg, does a very special Baby Dedication for each baby at the church, and Wilson's day was this past Sunday.  They base this dedication on the story in 1 Samuel, and it is just so sweet.  Our pastor, Dr. Wilton, holds each baby and prays for him.  He also prays for us as parents, and it means so much to us.

We are so thankful to have the support of our family and friends as we try to raise this baby in God's will.  It was awesome having our entire life group and family sitting in the service with us on Sunday.

I'm not gonna lie...  I was kinda nervous being on the big screen in front of so many people.  Our church is huge, and there was an especially large number of people there on Sunday.  We only had the 10:30 service (not the 9:00 also) because of the snow.  So there were tons of people there.


Wilson was such a good boy and so happy to be up on stage.

Dr. Wilton really seems to love doing these dedications.  He's so sincere and truly wants the best for us as a little family.

He helps keep it relaxed by saying "Wilson will grow up to be a New Orleans Saints linebacker and tithe to First Baptist."  (His son is the chaplain for the Saints)

Wilson wore a very special outfit for this day.  It's the same outfit Caleb wore when he was 6 months old at his sprinkling.  Methodists don't do "dedications," but it was essentially the same thing.  It was so sweet to see little Wilson is the same exact outfit his daddy wore.

"Yea, I'm on the big screen.  No biggie."

"I'm famous!"

Wilson was so comfortable with Dr. Wilton he drooled all over his (probably expensive) watch and suit.

He loved holding that little linebacker.

It was such a special time letting the church know our intentions as we raise our son and having sweet words prayed over us all.

My sweet friend Lyndsay just happened to be at church on Sunday.  She hadn't met Wilson yet because she moved to Charleston, but good news!  She's moving back to Spartanburg this summer!  Yea!

After the service, we had everyone over to our house for lunch.  Guess what we had?  Baked Spaghetti of course.

Group shot on the front porch!  We are so incredibly blessed to have such amazing family!

There was lots of excitement in our house Sunday.

Uncle Sonny loved on little Wilson

Papa Craig got some cuddles in, too.

Wilson's official babysitter (and cousin) Christy


Oh Hey Garrison!


Aunt Anna loves this baby!

And so does Aunt Neenie

Wilson got lots of new books at his dedication.  We've already read them all!

"Can I please take a nap now, Mommy?"

Garrison and Ben relaxed with their iPads.

Wellsleigh was such a good girl all day!

We sure do love this little boy!

"Start children off on the way they should go, and even when they are old they will not turn from it."  Proverbs 22:6

Wilson's Dedication really helped me put a lot into perspective.  He's so much more than feedings and diaper changes, schedules and milestones.  He's a person.  With a heart.  And we have the  HUGE responsibility of shepherding that heart.  We pray you come to know Jesus at an early age, Wilson, and that we can raise you in such a way that brings Him glory!


Alyssa said...

Love you WIlson! Such a good perspective, true!

Cameron said...

love this!!! can't wait to get my hands on that sweet boy tonight! praying that he has a huge heart for the lord and that he runs hard after his savior at a young age!