Friday, March 1, 2013

Girls Weekend

We had our annual "Girls Weekend" last weekend at Cameron's house.  I love getting together each year with the best friends a girl could have.  The 7 of us lived together while in college, and it's so nice to relax for a few days and catch up.  

Last year, we came to my house, and Alyssa and I were expecting.  This year, Alyssa and I had our baby boys there, and there are 3 other girls expecting.  This group is growing rapidly!

Aunt Lacey loves little Wilson, and as you can see from this picture, little Wilson loves a bottle.  All gone!

It makes me so happy to see Banks (Alyssa's baby) and Wilson together.  I hope they are best buddies and even college roommates one day.  Wouldn't that be awesome?!

Oh hey friend.

"Mom, can Banks come over and play?"

"I'll grab you if you don't play nice, Wilson!"

"Man that kid's head is big."  Doesn't Wilson's head look huge next to Banks?  Haha.

Best buddies

Wilson was mesmorized by the shoes Banks wore.  I never put shoes on my kid's feet.  Poor thing.

It's so crazy to be holding our babies together!

I think they're a little too big for the "throw the baby in the basket" pic.

Hyatt (Cameron's niece) came over for some fun, too. She and Wilson have the same birthday!

She handled those 2 boys quite well.

Until she had enough.  

"Seriously, Mom, why's she screaming?"  

It was so cute seeing the 3 of them interact.  Big Sister Durham came over to do some cheers for us, too.  She's adorable!  And full of energy!

Megan is 29 weeks, Catie is 30, and Cameron is 22.  There will be 3 new babies in the group next year!

It was so special for me to watch my baby play with my friends.  They were all so helpful with him, and I think he likes them all!

We threw a mini baby shower for the 3 preggos Saturday night!

We had to hurry to get it all together while we went them away for a bit.  It was so fun having a casual baby shower in our jammies.

Cameron is having Piper, Megan is having Patrick, and Catie is having Carter.  Such sweet names and such sweet mommas!

It was wonderful talking about this stage of life we're all in.  I hope and pray Wilson has such great friends one day!  Love ya'll so much!

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