Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Mr. B

I've mentioned a few times how much we love our life group friends, and I'll do it again.  We love our life group friends.  We've been through lot with those 6 couples, and we are forever grateful for those friendships.  We've recently (3 weeks ago) changed life groups, and it's been tough.  But it's what is best for our little family.  I don't think we'll lose touch with those original best buds.  

In fact, we just celebrated with one of them this weekend.  Bennett, aka Mr. B, was dedicated Sunday morning, and he had a b-day party and lunch after church at the park in Converse Heights.  

All of mommas with babies fed them on blankets and towels while the big kids played on the playground.  It was perfect weather for an outside party.

Wilson borrowed Katie Rhyan's pink ring, and it is the only time he's allowed to play with pink toys.

You can barely see him, but sweet Jackson is hiding behind that tree.  He's potty training, and like all good boys, prefers to tee tee outside.

"I did it, Mommy!"  Go Jackson!

The daddies enjoyed hot dogs with their boys.  (No, we didn't let Wilson eat a hot dog just yet.  He's tried lots of things, but those make me nervous until he's a little bigger.)

And here's the birthday boy himself!!!  He's such a happy kid!

Mr. B and his sweet Mommy!

Wilson was jealous of Mr. B's awesome b-day crown so he rocked his sweet sun hat.

We had a fun day with great friends! 

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