Saturday, May 11, 2013

9 Months


You are 9 months old tomorrow!  Oh My Goodness!  What a month it has been!  You literally went from just trying to crawl one day, to crawling the next, pulling up a couple days later, and now you're cruising.  For real, you make laps around the coffee table.  You're also working on your 5th and 6th teeth.  And I swear you're trying to stand up sometimes, straight from the ground.  FYI, I am NOT ready for a walker, so feel free to take your time on that trick.

I've just come to terms with the fact that sleeping isn't your strong point right now.  Between teething (which lasts forever around here with constant drool), sickness (bronchitis), and separation anxiety, we've had a hard time with sleep.  It's been worse over the past week or so when all of these issues combined.  Honestly, it's pretty sweet how you just want us to rock you or let you hold our hands when we put you down, and I know I will so miss those days when you're a teenager and I will be SOOOO uncool.  Because right now, I think you think Mommy and Daddy are pretty much the coolest things around.

You LOVE table food.  You'll still eat baby oatmeal in the morning, but it's with some real fruit.  And if we're out and about, you'll eat a squeezable fruit and veggie combo for lunch and dinner.  But you LOVE eating off our plates.  You've had spaghetti, pork chops, macaroni, green beans, carrots, baked potato, japanese chicken and rice, meatloaf, turnip greens, butter beans, cornbread, and several things I'm sure I'm forgetting.   You really don't seem too picky, but you know when you're done.  You turn your head and close your mouth so tight.  You prefer to feed yourself, and it gets super messy when you do.

You're still getting 4 bottles a day, but you have definitely cut back on the amount of formula you want to drink.  I still offer you 8 oz. in morning and evening, and 6 oz. for lunch and dinner.  You usually only take 6 oz. and 4 oz. though.  I guess all that table food is keeping you full.  You do pretty well with your sippy cup.  Ice cold water is delicious!

Your favorite things include:  
Eye Glasses - you pull them off our faces constantly
Daddy's Belts - you play with one on the bed, aka the island, while we get dressed for work
The remote control - we have you one without batteries
An iPhone - I know, we aren't suppose to let you, but sometimes it's our only option
Being outside - going on runs, swinging, and blowing bubbles
Being dropped - not all the way down, but for pretend, you laugh so hard
Reading books in our laps

This month, well these 9 months, have been so amazing.  Yea, I'm pretty tired of trying to teach you NOT to stand up in your crib and scream at 3 am, but you are such a joy!  When you look at me with those happy eyes and that killer smile, I forget every scream I've ever heard.  We are so incredibly thankful for you sweet boy!

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