Monday, May 6, 2013

Our camera is too big

When toting around a 20 pound 8 month old, the camera is just not as high on the priority list.  Luckily, our iphones take pretty good pics.  We've had some fun moments to capture lately.

My sweet friend Megan welcomed her first child, Patrick, into the world!  We loved meeting him!

Wilson has started refusing baby food.  The kid wants table food.  And he wants to feed himself

My friend Emily gave Wilson his first puzzle.

Bathing in the big tub.

Date Night!  Dropping off little Wilson at Christy's house

I had lunch with Gail at Cribb's Kitchen- we work just 5 miles from each other!

This mobile, curious little guy unloaded his entire diaper bag while I did the dishes one night.

Rehydrating after a run

Play date with Jackson 

He LOVES his swing in the back yard!

Celebrating Baby Piper at Cam's shower

Olivia's first b-day party

Lunch date at Fuji

Shaved Ice...yummmm!

He loved it

Even after lowering the mattress, he's cruising in the crib.  Uh-Oh!

New toy in the country

Dorman baseball game

I think it's so cute when he sleeps like this

Our closet collapsed, but honestly, it's a good thing.  We've cleaned it out completely and are getting it redone tomorrow!

He was so tired on Friday after our doctor's appointment he fell asleep playing with his toy.

Ben's Gangham Style!

Boys being boys in Georgia

Wellsleigh is ONE (almost!)  It's the first cousin b-day party we forgot our camera for.  We are SO sorry sweet girl!  We'll make it up to you!

Cinco de Mayo

Wilson is getting over his bug, and I'm just getting started with mine.  So when he decided to wake up an hour early this morning, he got cozy in bed with us.  Never say Never.  

And he stayed there the entire time we got ready and made breakfast.  Little cuddle bug!

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