Friday, July 12, 2013

11 months


I am in denial that I'm writing this post right now.  How on earth are you 11 months old?!  Next month is your birthday!  Whoa!  This year has been the fastest one of my life!

You are such a happy little guy!  You love when we "get you," and it makes you laugh like crazy when we chase you around the house.  You're on the move, standing on EVERYTHING - our legs, toilets, baskets.  And you move from one thing to the next with ease.  You walk great with your walker or with our hands.  I think walking is coming soon, but I'm not rushing it.  I want you to stay a baby for as long as possible!

You're still (knock on wood) a good eater.  There are times when you choose macaroni over zucchini, but who blames you?  If I offer you the veggie first, you usually do good with that.  You love fruit!

You still take 2 naps a day, but one of them is usually a short one (45 minutes).  I think you'll be ready to drop the morning nap soon.  Bedtime is around 8 pm, after bath, cup of milk, and stories.  Daddy put you to bed last night, and you did not want to go to sleep.  You were just happy playing.  I think you had gotten used to Mommy putting you to "night night."  

We spend lots of time at the pool, in your wagon, and blowing bubbles on the front porch.  You LOVE being outside, and you whine when you have to come in.  You still love your books, animals, driving, pots and pans, golf balls, and library trips with Gigi.

You're working on your 8th tooth right now, and it's a doozie.  Your smile makes us melt.  You're still not a huge talker, but you say "Da" all the time.  You babble a lot, just not much that's understandable.  Your voice is adorable.  Anytime you hear music, you clap and bounce up and down

You make our hearts full of joy, Wilson!  We love you to pieces, buddy!

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Alyssa said...

Sweet boy! I hope this month goes reeeeeeally slow :)