Wednesday, July 10, 2013


I consider myself very blessed with good friends.  I've always *had* to have a friend around.  From the time I was a little kid, my parents knew I needed to invite a friend (or 2, or 20) over to play.  And then when I went off to college and moved to Charleston, I needed a roommate.  And then I got Caleb, a roommate and BFF for life.  All that to say, Wilson has started making his friends very young.  And it makes me SO happy.  I really do hope and pray he is able to grow up with good, Christian friends.

Last Friday, we drove to Lexington to meet Piper!  Her parents are already pros and seemed to already have it all together in the hospital.  (Caleb and I were completely clueless those first few weeks - maybe b/c Wilson came so early!)  Piper is one blessed little girl, and she's one cute little girl.  I'm so sad I didn't take my camera in the hospital, but my 25 pound chunk of Wilson was enough to carry, even with Caleb's help.

After meeting Cameron's new bundle of joy, we met Alyssa, Banks, Megan, Patrick, and McNeil for lunch at Atlanta Bread.  These 3 boys will be best buddies!

These mommas loves these boys!

We kept the 2 big boys contained in high chairs while we ordered and ate, but then we let them run free in this chair.

They're maniacs, I tell ya.  Alyssa and I were talking about how exhausting they are.  They're worth every ounce of energy though.  And we know it's just gonna get even more exhausting when they're 2, and 3.  Yikes!

I see lots of play dates in their futures!

This picture was from the day before, on the 4th, and it just got mixed into these.  Either way, that lip.  Seriously, Wilson.  You know how to turn it on, buddy ; )

The one picture I got of Piper!  Isn't she PERFECT?!  Way to go, Cammy!!!  We are so happy for you and J!

Nicole has been a friend of mine since we were 2 years old.  And now our 10 month olds are playing together.  

We went for a family ride early Saturday morning before naps.  Needless to say, it wore these boys out!

They look so old right here!

They got in their first fight!

Hampton's a little hair puller.

And Wilson is a grabber.

I hope these 2 boys are great lake buddies!  And speaking of BFF's, these two...

We ended the weekend Saturday night with these beautiful rainbow!!


Lacey said...

I also graced you with my presence that weekend! Live that lip!

Alyssa said...

So fun...Banks and Wilson have no choice but to be BFFs..sorry guys ;)