Wednesday, August 21, 2013

12 Month Well Check

We had Wilson's 12 month well check with Dr. Colburn this  morning.  She has been such a great pediatrician for us this year, and we are very thankful for her.  We are even more thankful for our healthy little boy.  Sometimes it's easy to forget how amazing it is to have a healthy one year old child.  I'm reminded each time we get a good report at our well checks, and today was just the same.  Thank you, Lord, for our healthy boy!

As for 12 month stats, my "big headed shorty" nickname is still a perfect fit.

Weight:  23.31 lbs, 78% 
(At his first visit, he was 7 lbs. and 23%)

Height:  29.5 in., 31%
 (20 in. and 52% at first visit)

Head:  18.86 in, 91%
(up from 13.27 and 16%)

Our kid has a big ole head - no wonder it's a challenge to get his clothes on over it every day!

His hemoglobin was 12.6, and he received 4 vaccines.  It was a big day filled with tears.  He was actually pretty tough.  The crying didn't begin until about 5 seconds AFTER the toe stick for Hgb when he was being confined to get the blood out.  And he was OK about 2 minutes after the injections with a little iPhone ABC music game from Daddy.  Go Wilson!

We were advised to keep giving him 16-24 oz. of whole milk each day with water at other times.  We're keeping him rear facing in his car seat for as long as possible, preferably to 24 months.  (That ain't gonna happen - my goal is 18 months.)  His cruising and walking with our hands is fine for now, and we bet he'll be walking soon.  We're in no rush for that.  Dr. Colburn told his little tantrums are normal.  They're not too bad now, but I can only imagine what the next 2 years will entail.  

Even after all the sticks and pokes, Wilson showed off his sweet, precious smile to the entire staff.  SO thankful for a healthy report!

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