Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Wilson's First Birthday Party, part 2

On with the party pics!

Wilson may not have wanted a bite of cake, but he loved him some watermelon.  This picture cracks me up because he is literally drooling watermelon juice.  Yum Yum Yum!

I thought I'd chase him around with his football cake one more time.  Fail.  Again.  Give it up, lady.

You can tell Cousin Christy is on Mommy's side because she gave the boy CLOTHES.  Thanks : )

Aunt Anna brought her BF, John Michael!  Wilson loved seeing him again!

Uncle Jordan and Kayla gave Wilson his very first 4-wheeler.  Dangerous!

He loved it!!!

John and Britt helped him open his chain saw!

Wilson really got into the whole opening presents thing way more than I anticipated.  I hope he's not gonna be one of those greedy little present loving kids, but it was sweet for the first b-day.

His cousins Ben and Garrison helped him!

We tried to get a group pic of the kids, with an occasional parent to hold.  We tried.

So thankful for all the sweet friends and family who traveled to celebrate with us!  Wilson is already excited about seeing Banks again at HIS birthday party soon.

These 2 lake buddies love each other!

The Bass boys like cupcakes just a little bit.

Riley's parents are so glad I gave her a megaphone.


We went back to the house to get some cool air, and Wilson got his gift from Gramme and Papa.  A cool new chair!  He loves it!

Ben enjoyed cupcakes all day long : )

Garrison especially loved Wilson's new doctor bag from Alyssa.  He was sitting in his "office chair."

He had so many new toys to play with we let him skip afternoon nap.

And he crashed shortly after his guests left.

We had a wonderful day celebrating our ONE year old!  We love you so much little football player, Wilson!!!

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