Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Wilson's First Birthday Party

Just writing that title makes me a little teary eyed.  The fact that his first birthday party is over makes me sad.  This little baby is growing up entirely too fast.  But...we did have a super fun birthday party to celebrate his first year!!!  

We had the party at our neighborhood pool on Saturday from 11-1.  We knew it would be hot, and there would be lots of kids.  We needed some cool, fun entertainment for them and their parents.  So pool it was!  And choosing a day and time is a bit difficult when inviting napping babies/kids.  I decided 11-1 was good so they can still have both naps if needed and be happy, happy, happy for lunch and swimming!

Caleb and I loaded my car with all the goodies on Friday night.

We also cleaned out the garage because in case of rain, we would be partying there.  And in my house. I prayed so hard for sunshine, and God answered that prayer!

I'm so thankful for my mom's help planning all the food.  The party was a football theme because Wilson loves footballs!  We had tailgate type food, and it was yummy!!  Mom and I rolled about 200 "football franks" on Saturday morning.  

Just when Wilson was about to go down for a nap, and Caleb and I were going to decorate, THIS happened.  An entire gallon of milk fell out of the fridge onto our kitchen floor.  No use crying over spilt milk.  

The veranda down by the pool provided some shade and several tables for food, favors, and gifts.  It was perfect!  Here's the cupcake table with the monthly picture banner behind.  I loved the cupcake toppers and food labels Melissa made for me.  We got cupcakes from Sam's.  They're cheap and delicious.  And it saves me time : )

Guests started to arrive before poor Caleb even made it to the party.  It took us longer than expected to pick up balloons, chicken strips, etc.

I was never even able to get a complete "before" picture.  We started partying too quickly.  But you get the idea.  We had kool-aid jammers for the kids, Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, and waters for the adults.  It was super hot so cold drinks were a must.

Literally, all of those gifts on that front table are from my parents.  They spoil Wilson rotten.

We did footballs, megaphones, and pom poms for favors!

Wilson didn't care a thing about partying with his friends at first.  He just wanted to cuddle and finish his nap on Gigi.

He caught some shade with Papa Curt!

My friend Alyssa made Wilson this adorable party hat!!!  I'm so glad I have crafty friends.

Hampton tried to show Wilson how to walk like him!

Poor Caleb never even had time to get dressed for the party.  I  had him running around like a crazy person all morning!  Luckily, it was a pool party so all you really needed was a swimsuit.

Gramme hung out with sweet Laurel in the shade!

Our first birthday party with OUR kid!  So fun!!!

I decided to go ahead and do the smash cake early on so the kids could get in the pool and not have to get back out to watch Wilson devour his cake.  HA!  Wilson the cake lover didn't devour anything but tears from the time he saw that cake.

He was actually OK while we sang "Happy Birthday," but when the music stopped, the tears started.

He absolutely melted down and hated the sight, taste, and texture of that football cake I was so proud of.

These pictures crack me up, and the video is even better.

We quickly got that football out of his way and hit the water!

Wilson's happy place - naked and in the pool with a spigot to play with.  He really does usually love cupcakes but a big cake was not working for him.

Aunt Jeanie helped Daddy get him dressed in his swim clothes.

Colton and his mommy did lots of swimming, too!

So thankful Caleb was willing to swim with Wilson so I was able to hang out with all the other party guests.  They had a blast!

These 2 divas watched their boys play in the pool!

I never got a complete count of all the party guests, but there were at least 60 something people there to celebrate our sweet little boy!  We are so thankful for all of them taking time out of their weekend to party with us!

Wilson's favorite part of the party was (obviously NOT the cake) the balloons!!!

Swimming with Daddy in my jersey!

We spend lots of time at this pool, and Wilson loves it!

That little veranda was filled with loving friends, family, food, and fun!

Katherine brought her 2 littles, Katie Rhyan and Jackson, all by herself.  Brave Momma.

You can tell Ben's daddy is a coach!  He called me coach the whole time I was wearing that whistle.  Love him!

I loved seeing all the babies in the water.

Uncle Sonny and John had a serious heart to heart about something during the party.

Wilson, Banks, and Jackson took on the kiddie pool for a while.

Only the best daddy ever just hops right in there with 'em!

Thankful for these sweet friends - Alyssa, Anna, and Mandy!

So glad Megan brought Baby Patrick out to party, too!

My cousin Christy is quite the baby whisperer.  She got her hands on sweet Laurel for a bottle during the party.

That's about half of the pics - more to come!

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