Monday, October 28, 2013

PC Homecoming

Caleb and I have not missed a PC Homecoming.  We even made it last year with a 2 month old baby.  I  will say I enjoyed this year much more than last.   Nursing your baby in the car while your baby daddy drinks beer with his friends wasn't exactly thrilling.  But this year, chasing that 14 month around and letting your friends see your pride and joy - now that was fun!

Matt and Caleb allowed the boys to run all the way down to the road when we arrived!  They are wild!!!

I hate this one is blurry.  It was really cold early Saturday morning so we were all bundled up.

We set up camp in an area with lots of room for the kiddos to run around.  I love how our group has grown!

Hyatt and Wilson share a birthday, and Banks is just a few days apart.  3 very close in age babies.

So here begins an attempt to get a pic of the babies.  And Aunt Lacey.

Wilson isn't having it.  But those 3 precious girls.  Well, they were angels.

Banks says "No, Mama!"

Durham says "just sit down and smile, boys!"

Please look at Banks' little feet and Wilson's awful face.  We gave up.

Wilson had his very own tailgate chair, courtesy of my sweet friend Megan.

I don't know when it happened, but he fell out at some point.  Whoops.

We tried the baby gate for a little while.  It worked well enough, but those boys definitely prefer freedom.

I loved running into these sweet girls - Amy, Mallie, and Katherine.   One of these days they'll have their own babies to chase around, but for now they can just be the cool, fashionable girls who help chase my wild kid at homecoming ; )

We finally made it over to Caleb's buddies.  It's always fun hanging out with this crew.

Laura's sister brought her puppy, and Wilson went NUTS for him.  He chased that poor dog everywhere feeding him grass.

Our next stop was the tailgate shower for Justine and her fiance Zachary!  I was able to meet Baby Grady there.  We prayed for this sweet boy so much when he was born, and his health is such a blessing.

Wilson enjoyed a few cold beers at the shower.

Banks found himself a slide.

These 2 played on these corn hold boards for a while.  

I  love these 2 kids ; )

I hope they're roommates at good ole PC one day.

Lindsey and I did a baby swap in this picture.  She's catching a glimpse of what life will be like next year with a maniac little boy, HAHA.

And here's proof that Banks doesn't eat purely organic veggies.  He's loving him a good ole brownie.  Eat it, big boy!

Once we made it back to our "base," Wilson was loving playing with Durham.  He is enamored by big kids.

And finally - one big group picture.  With a baby gate.

I love these sweet friends so much and am so thankful we're able to take Wilson to the place where Caleb and I met.  After lots of tailgating, we took him into the stadium, rode the train (twice), and cheered on the Blue Hose!  It was a great day!

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