Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Wilson's 1st Trip to the FAIR

We spent the entire weekend in Union last weekend because there was just so much going on (you don't hear that said about Union often, HA).  Caleb wanted to do a little deer hunting Saturday morning, and we took Wilson to the fair Saturday afternoon.  I may be biased, but I think the Union County Fair is a winner.  Lots of rides, yummy food, animals, and more!  My grandma used to sell tickets at the gate when we were younger, and we loved seeing her there.  It's sad not buying our tickets from her now, but I'm sure she's in Heaven watching us enjoy the fair.

It's no surprise that we ran into lots of friends at the fair.  Everybody goes...

We took Wilson for his very first ride - the Merry Go Round!!!  Thanks for being the photog, Mom.

He really got into it!  I was honestly a little bit scared at one point.  You don't realize how fast that thing goes until you're holding your little bundle of joy on it.

Then we went for ride #2.  I'm not even sure what this one was called, but it was lots of fun, too!  Caleb got a little squished, HA.

Unfortunately, about halfway thru the ride, I started to get a migraine.  Lame.  Luckily, I was able to go home and rest a bit before the reunion.  Thanks Mom and Dad for keeping Wilson and taking care of us all weekend in the big city!  Wilson got to experience Union in full effect.

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