Wednesday, November 13, 2013

15 Months


You are 15 months old as of yesterday!  15 months of ENERGY, sweetness, curiosity, and fearlessness.  I 100% love this age, even the exhaustion which comes along with chasing you around.  You are hilarious, and you know it.  You make the funniest expressions and do the silliest things, and you will giggle like crazy at yourself.  My favorite thing you do right now is grab a book or toy, bring it to me, and then turn around and sit down in my lap.  It's just the sweetest.  You also lay your little head down on any pillow you see and pretend to go "night night."  We frequently play hide and seek, and you love it.  So silly!

You are learning so much, and you understand lots of things we tell you.  You will pat your belly, touch your hair, nose, ear, eyes, mouth, and toes, wave bye bye and blow kisses.  You also go get your shoes and turn on the water (in our bathtub).  You totally know what we mean we say outside.  You run to the door and stand there waiting for it to open.  You are actually tall enough now to reach the door knobs on your tippy toes (kinda scary).  Luckily, you haven't quite figured out how to open the doors.  You can, however, turn on and off the washer and dryer, my little laundry helper.  After we sing a song, you clap.  Even if it's my terrible singing.

Your speech is coming along slowly.  You say Daaa (Daddy), dog, uh-oh, Ma, cup, danku (thank you), but only when you want to.  We still hear lots of "Ehh and Uhh" while you point to what you want.  I'm being patient with it and hoping you will use your words when you're ready.

Eating is so fun right now.  As soon as you sit in your high chair, you place your sweet little hands together as we say the blessing (God is great!).  We have started letting you self feed with a spoon.  You do well with oatmeal and yogurt.  The yogurt makes a pretty big mess, but I figure you have to learn somehow.  You sign "More" and "All Done," and I'm assuming you learned these at school.  I'm not a huge signing person, but it is pretty cute.

As far as discipline goes, we say "No No" when you are doing something you shouldn't - like unrolling the toilet paper or trying to get into an unsafe cabinet.  I will occasionally have to pop your hand if you don't listen.  You seem to just laugh at Daddy when he disciplines you for throwing food.  It doesn't happen often, and you are usually trying to be funny when you do it.  Honestly, I think it's kinda funny, too.  That's bad, I know.  

Your top 2 molars just came in making 12 teeth total.  I wondered why you were drooling so much.  When I pick you up from school, you have on 2 bibs at times.

You LOVE pushing trucks all around the house, riding in the buggy at Target, and going for bike or wagon rides in the afternoons.  You also love playing rough with Daddy - being on his shoulders, getting thrown around, and going upside down.

You pretty much love school, your friends, and your teachers there.  They say you're doing great!  You will occasionally cry when I drop you off, but you're much more easily calmed down by a toy now.   I'm hoping and praying you are coming thru the separation anxiety.

Your schedule is the same as last month.  You still love your milk and ice water, and most foods are OK with you for now.  Dr. Colburn did warn me that you will probably become picky over the next few months as most toddlers do, and that's OK.

15 Month Stats:
Weight:  24.44 lbs, 74%
Height:  32 in, 80%
(You were in the 31% at 12 months so either the nurse was very generous with your measurement, or you really have grown like crazy.  I kinda think it's true b/c you seem able to reach way too much now.)
Head Circ: 19 in, 90%

We had your 15 month well check on Monday, and I found out you had an ear infection.  So you're taking Amoxicillin for it and seem to be fine.  You were a little bit sickly yesterday, but it was nothing a day in your PJs and being spoiled by Gigi couldn't fix.  You were still in your pajamas when I got home from work to take your pictures.  I decided to keep it real and take your pictures in PJs.  And let's talk about taking pictures of a 15 month old.  Oh.My.Goodness.  You are WAY too busy to sit still in a chair holding a chalkboard.

This one is the best I could do.

Daddy decided to try and show you what you were suppose to do.  It didn't help.  But it did give me a nerdy pic of your dad.

And these PJ's...we may or may not all 3 have a pair.  Matching pajamas.  One of my favorite things.  

I'm too embarrassed to post a picture of all 3 of us wearing those pajamas, but just believe me when I say they're hilarious. 

Anywho, we love you to pieces, Wilson, and are so thankful you're ours.  You bring so much happiness into my life.  Thanks for being so sweet, cuddly, funny, and wild!  I pray your personality continues to develop in such an amazing way and that you can use that enthusiasm to bring glory to God!  

Love, Mommy and Daddy

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