Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Christmas Family Pics 2013

So, my blog is public again.  You can thank my incredibly un-technological Daddy for that.  He would call me every few days saying he couldn't log in so I just decided what the heck?  If some online creeper wants to know what's happening in my boring lil' life, so be it.

Also, my computer has been at the doctor for the last few days.  When we got home from Jamaica (post coming soon), I wasn't able to upload all my pictures.  Luckily, my incredibly nerdy technological husband bought me a new internal hard drive, and we should be good to go now!  So I have lots of fun pics to share!

I decided to start with our family pics my friend Melissa took a few weeks ago.  We are so thankful she shares her talent with us.  We took them on a Saturday morning in Spartanburg and had a great time.  Wilson was in a great mood and ran all over the place.  He's not at an age where sitting still and smiling for a picture is an option so we just rolled with what he wanted to do.

I pretty much love the red chair Melissa brought.

These 2 boys make me soooo happy, and I just love these pics of them.  Wilson loves being on Caleb's shoulders!

This one sums up my life.  He is a wiggle worm who wants to be free!!!

I'm so thankful for my lil' family of 3!  

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Cameron said...

LOVE all these pics!