Monday, January 27, 2014

Riverbanks Zoo

It's not every day you get to go to the zoo with your BFF.  But that day happened a few weeks ago.  Alyssa and I both had some time off work the week after Christmas so we planned a day trip to take the boys to Riverbanks Zoo.  We ended up going on New Years Eve so Caleb had the day off, too!  I love our zoo in Greenville and the fact that it's so close, but Riverbanks did not disappoint.  It's awesome!

I plan on dressing these boys alike for as long as possible. The vests from their Gigi's came in handy ; )

First stop was the gorillas!  They were amazing.  I don't know who was more impressed, the kiddos or the adults.

We were too afraid to put them in with the real elephants.

As if the picture of the 3 of us isn't awkward enough, check out the Banks photobomb.


The farm animal exhibit was hands down the crowd favorite.  They loved feeding the goats.

When Banks ran out of food, he just fed him his own hand.

Wilson was all smiles!!!

I love this picture.  It's pure happiness!

Baby Swap!

I think playing in the straw was their favorite part, even beyond feeding the goats.

Boys will be boys!

What does the fox say?  This one is saying "get your chin off my nose, Caleb!"

And then it was time for the train ride!  I'm telling you, this zoo is awesome!

Oh, and it has an awesome playground.  They played hard and especially loved the slide.

The penguins were last.  Wilson didn't want to help me make the ZTA crown.  

We had such a fun day with our little family plus 2/3 of the Cogdills!

We will be back to the zoo again sometime!

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