Thursday, March 13, 2014

19 Months


You are 19 months old today.  18 months was hands down the fastest month of your life, even faster than that first month at home.  I honestly have no idea where it went.  You amaze us every day with things you know and are such a sponge.  You imitate everything we do and say.  You're such a ball of fun, and I can't get enough of you!

I can't keep up with all your words, but your favorites right now are "Weeeee!" and "Let's Go!"  You also say tootles, keys, spoon, stick, bubbles, apple, alright, I love you (la-loo), on your mark get set go (mok-set-go!), go dog go (as soon as you see that book!), ice, and Jesus.

You also say "Bahboo" when you want something.  I can't wait to find out what that word means because we hear it A LOT.

You love anything with wheels - cars, trucks, buses, trains, strollers, grocery carts.  You are amazed by ketchup.  If we put some on your plate, you get ridiculously excited and make your super excited face.  And  you have an obsession with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  You grab us, take us to the recliner in the living room, and hand us the remote.  If we don't turn it onto Mickey, you regrab the remote and make us change the channel.  Obsesssed.

You've started reading books aloud to yourself, and it's so darn sweet.  Sometimes I find you sitting in the floor of your room reading.  You know who people are in pictures when we point to them, and you can identify almost any object or animal in books.  You have mastered your animal sounds - monkey is my favorite - OOH OOH AHH AHH!

You help me do laundry every Thursday morning.  You love taking the clothes out of the washer and dryer, and I cherish this time of doing chores with you.  One day you'll be way too cool.  You also help Daddy unload the dishwasher, and you sometimes try to grab the knives.  Yikes!  You also love to sweep and will go get the broom anytime I ask.

You accidentally pee peed in the potty one time this month.  I kinda freaked out because I am NOT ready for this stage.  It hasn't happened again.

You're getting some molars so you've been super drooly at times and sometimes need Motrin at bedtime.  When you're sleepy, you repeatedly say "Daddy Bup, Daddy Bup."  You love your Daddy (or Mommy but Daddy is easier to say) and your Bup (cup of milk).

You love to run and do sprints.  You line up with a rug and take off when we say ready, set, go!!  It's hilarious.  You know what red and green lights mean now, too.

You are still wearing size 4 diapers, but we need to go up to size 5 ASAP.  You pee through sometimes at night, probably because you drink so much water and milk.  You are in 24 month clothes and size 6-7 shoes.

You are loving school, and your teachers adore you.  They just told me today how much they love your smile and precious personality.  Those words make me happy!  I'm so thankful to be your Mommy!  You're so much fun to be around.  We continue to pray for your happiness and health, and even already for your salvation and future friends and wife.  Thanks for being our ball of energy and happy little boy!  We love you!

Love, Mommy and Daddy

Try not to look so thrilled about taking 19 months pics, Wilson.

That face.  Those clothes.  You look like a big boy.  Come on summer so I can put you back in jon jons and make you a baby!

You love that tickle monster hand!

And you love grabbing us by the hand to pull us wherever you wanna go!


Liz Ann said...

OMG. Adorable. I love it.

Cameron said...

the CUTEST!!!! he is growing up too fast!

Alyssa said...

1. He looks 15, I can't handle it.
2. Get that boy some size 5 diapers STAT! Banks has been in fives for a month!
3. Thanks for introducing sprints to us at the mountains, we do them everywhere :)