Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Harleys and a Hair Cut

Wilson's hair is one of his most defining characteristics.  I didn't realize how much hair he had when he was born until I saw more and more newborns.  It was crazy!  And he never lost any - more and more just kept coming!  He has to have haircuts every 6 weeks, or it gets out of control.  He had his first few hair cuts at Snip Its in Greenville, but we quickly and happily switched over to Aunt Linda for cost and convenience.  She does a great job, and it's a fun excuse to see Aunt Linda and Uncle Sonny every few weeks.  We are very thankful they're so willing to help out our wild haired boy!

A few weeks ago, they drove over on their Harleys to give Wilson a hair cut.  Wilson is OBSESSED with bikes right now - bikes of any kind.  He says "bike" all day long so he loved seeing their big bikes.

Cutting the hair is a group effort for sure.  I'm pretty sure Sonny was singing the B-i-b-l-e, Linda was trimming, Caleb holding, and I was taking Cheez Its over every few seconds while snapping pics.

Hair cuts are become such fun memories : )

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