Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Dirty Myrtle

We had our first beach trip of the year about 3 weeks ago to Myrtle Beach.  Our friend Justine got married in Pawleys Island so we made a weekend of it.  My mom came with us to keep Wilson while we went to the wedding, and they had a fun time visiting Aunt Bibi and hanging out down there.

We got checked into the hotel Friday afternoon, and Wilson had a blast riding around on the luggage cart.

He and his daddy throughly enjoyed a little time in the arcade.

Then Gigi scooped us up, and we went to Murrells Inlet!

We love the marsh walk down there.

Wilson had so much fun running around, seeing the boats and animals.

We had an hour wait to eat at Drunken Jacks, but it went by pretty quickly.

Wilson even made a new friend while we waited.

He kept calling this pirate "Hook!"

He was a little ancy while we waited for our food, but Gigi came to the rescue with some new trucks she just happened to have in her car.

Wilson loved waking up and being able to run right out onto the balcony to see the ocean.  I didn't mind it either ; )

Gigi snuck in a little hair cut.

We took a million pool and beach pictures, but I guess they were all on Caleb's phone.  These are all I've got, but it was perfect beach and *heated* pool weather.  Wilson loved the pool!  I hope that continues.  He loved the beach as long as we were holding him or if he had shoes on. The gritty sand kinda freaked him out on his toes.  I think he gets that from me.  I don't really love how sand feels.

We had a great weekend getaway and loved celebrating Justine at her perfect Pawleys Island wedding!

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