Monday, May 19, 2014

21 Months/Bunny Pics


You are 21 months old!   In lieu of a 21 month photo shoot, I'm gonna share your Easter pics with live bunnies.  You live animals, and I knew you would love being with the bunnies.  

You are all about "Mommay" and "Daddy" these days.  We hear you say those words, and "Gigi," about 100 times a day.  I love it!  You also have a few new words and phrases:
Ride golf cart, lawn mower, I wanna do it, daddy's shirt, daddy's hat, drive boat, tires "tars", fish "shish", waffles

You have mastered many animal sounds, and your faves are neigh, moo, and cockadoodledoo.  You recognize most any animal.

Your "go-to" foods are fruit, nutrigrain bars, chicken nuggets (especially Chickfila), fries, applesauce, spaghetti, pizza, fish nuggets, lasagna, yogurt, green beans, french toast, turkey, cheese, waffles, and pancakes.  I'm hoping and praying we are turning a corner with the picky eating you've been doing.  I just keep offering you "real" food in hopes that you don't insist on nuggets or waffles.

Your schedule is pretty consistent - waking around 7 am, breakfast, snack, lunch, nap 12:30-2:30, snack, dinner, bed around 8:30 pm.  You still love to be rocked to sleep, and you hold onto our pinky like there's no tomorrow.

Your favorite book is Chicka Chicka ABC and Little Blue Truck.  You LOVE reading your books to yourself.  It's adorable.  You will sit forever in your room with your books, and you sometimes make sense with what you're saying.  I love it!  You love to sing Wheels on the Bus and do all the motions.

You love "Hook" (Jake and the neverland pirates) and "Pete" (Mickey mouse clubhouse).

You are all about doing a roll call nowadays - always asking for mommy, daddy, gigi, and whoever else you've recently been around.  

You also do this really cute thing where you run up to me, get completely in my face, and say "Heyyyy" while waving.  I kinda love it.

You are learning so much and interacting with us like a big boy.  We are beyond blessed to be your parents.  You teach us something new every day, and I swear I love you more and more each day.

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Alyssa said...

I love love love those pictures!!!! He looks precious!