Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Lake Murray

We spent Mother's Day weekend at the lake house.  I love having a little getaway only an hour away from home.  

Wilson and Jack were 2 little beggars while Uncle John cooked breakfast.  

We should really get our child a dog.  But I'm not.  So Cousin Jack will do ; )

Wilson mastered the word fish "shish" while at the lake.  We now hear it a lot!

We went for a Mother's Day morning boat ride.

There's just something about a toddler in sunglasses...

These 2 did not want to smile for the camera.

When we got back, one of the rods was leaning big time, and the guys found a giant turtle on the end of it.  It ended up getting away, but watching them try to catch him was very amusing.

Wilson didn't know anything even happened around him.  Gigi's shoulder + a boat ride = Nap time!

We went out to lunch in Prosperity before heading home.

Wilson kept taking my mom's mother's day card to my dad instead of her and thinking he was hilarious.

Happy Mother's Day, Gigi!

We are very thankful to have you as our momma!

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