Tuesday, June 10, 2014

More Gregory Family Vacay 2014

Caleb took some maternity pics for John and Britt one day while we were there.  

Wilson and I tagged along.  He's a pretty great lil' sidekick.

Those little squishy feet!  Love 'em!

I love our lil' family playing on the beach!

Dude was not feeling his hat.

Take this thing off!!

We sat in that exact spot digging holes in the sand for over an hour.  Wilson loved it so much!  And so did we!

Later that night, Caleb and I went out on a date to celebrate my 29th birthday.  We went to Frank's in Pawley's Island.  It was delicious!  They brought me a free 14 layer caramel birthday cake for dessert.  Win!

We started the night so early that we ended up meeting back up with the others to make Wilson a Build-A-Bear.

The next day was my actual birthday.  I love my new cup from John and Britt!

We hung out in the lazy river for a while.

I miss having lunch by the pool every day.

Gigi has already helped Wilson acquire a taste for diet coke.

And Papa is teaching him how to jump in fountains.  Grrrrreat!

We went to dinner at Damon's that night.

Bibi, Dan, and Kip met us there since Kip lives less than a mile away.  

Boys love dirt!  OR sand.

We had a wonderful vacation and were very sad to return home to the real world.  Until next time, dirty myrtle...

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