Monday, June 9, 2014

Gregory Family Vacay 2014 Day 1-2

We usually go to Myrtle Beach with my parents and brothers in July, but we moved it up to May this year because Brittnee is due with Thomas in July.  I loved going earlier in the summer.  There were hardly any crowds, and the weather was perfect.  We never had to wait at a restaurant, had all the space we wanted on the beach, and had our pick of pool chairs every day.  It was great!

Now that I'm a mom but have siblings who aren't parents yet, I realize how awesome is it to have high-energy aunts and uncles ready to watch your maniac child.

This wagon is worth every penny.

1st trip to the South Beach pool this year!

I tried so hard to get him to wear his hat, but it usually only lasted 5-10 minutes here and there.

The golf cart float was fun for a while.

Wilson loved this fountain!  We'll never tell him his mommy used to jump off those rocks.

First time trying out the puddle jumper!

Floating on his back like a big boy!

Ya'll are gonna be tossing your little boy around in this pool next year.

Can't wait for these babies to be besties.

Sunglasses were a very similar story to the hat, but this picture shows how amazing the pool is.  It's a walk on and absolute perfection for a toddler.  Wilson would stand there and play/splash/nearly drown for hours.  

Papa Curt let the little guy try out the dead man float for entirely too long one time.  I was panicking in my chair, but apparently "they have to learn sometime."

Lunch time at the pool

We went to Creek Ratz at Murrells Inlet - outdoor seating is essential.

A fork and this pole kept Wilson entertained while we waited for our food.  Happy Memorial Day!

We love the marsh walk!

Cant' believe we're all smiling!

After dinner, we went to play putt putt and decided it would be fun to take Wilson along.  I'm the definition of a failure mom right here - laughing at my child who just fell while carrying my own ice cream around.  Pregnant much?


Wilson loves golf clubs and golf balls.  He had an absolute blast!

It was a very fun filled day, but we sure did miss busy Jordan back at home working all week!

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