Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Wallace is 2

My Precious Wallace,

I canNOT believe you are TWO YEARS OLD!  Where has the time gone?  I say it all the time, but you are the funniest, smartest, bravest, sweetest, most mischievous, lovable, independent little fella around.  You keep me laughing all the time.  We have loved watching you grow and learn, and especially loved seeing you become a big brother.  You love "Baby Woods" so much, and you are obsessed with kissing him, bringing him a paci, getting the boppy for him, and so much more.  I do have to often remind you to be gentle with him and that he cannot play with the same toys you play with.  

You talk SO much.  Like, it's kinda ridiculous.  I feel like we have real adult conversations at times.  You repeat everything you hear, especially anything and everything Wilson says (and does).  A few of my fave phrases:

"I wike dis music, Mommy" - when you hear a fun song
"I need to kiss Baby Woods" - every night at bedtime
"Sing the Baby Song" - referring to hush, little baby
"Too heby" - heavy
"Sprinkles, mommy" - sprinklers when we are on walks/runs
"Boom shaka laka"
"Disaway Mommy" - this way
"I throw it in da back" - usually your shoes, into the back of the car
"Just a little bit more"
"1 more minute" - when I tell you we have to leave somewhere fun
"Mommy eat dat - I don't wike it"
"Watch Elmo, Watch Buzz"
"Want popsicle" - and you help yourself to them often
"There it goes!" - when a toy works for the first time
"Right heeeerrrreee" - when I ask where's Wallace?
"We OKAY, Mommy!" - when you're doing something bad

You are a pretty good eater, but definitely not great.  You have a major sweet tooth.  Fruit snacks are your favorite.  You even pray for them, HA.  You like to dip green beans in ketchup.  You also love yogurt, chicken (dipped in something), blueberries, fruit cups, applesauce squeezes, mac and cheese, spaghetti (Gigi's pasta dishes of any kind), bananas, and ice cream.

You can count to 13, say your ABCs, and you're a great sleeper - sleeping 12 hours a night with Bunny and your sleep sack.

You had surgery for a mass we found in your belly a few weeks ago.  It ended up being a lymphangioma, completely benign - praise the Lord.  Handing you over to go into the OR was one of the hardest things I've done as your mommy.  We prayed for you the whole time, and we are so incredibly thankful that it all went well.

You love putting your shoes on yourself  - especially your rain boots.  You LOVE bubbles, balls, dogs (you always say "pet doggie - kiss kiss kiss"), turning light switches on and off, diving head first off the couch, shocking yourself in electrical outlets, and the "No, David!" books.  There should be a serious called "No, Wallace!"

You are so good at findings things, taking things apart and putting them back together, hitting baseballs off a tee, and making the basketball into your hoop in the playroom.

2 year Stats:
Height: 35.25 inches, 81%
Weight: 28 lbs, 3 oz, 53%
BMI 32%

I cannot put into words how much we love you.  I would seriously freeze you at this age if I could.  Your voice is so dang sweet, your antics drive me crazy, and I could just eat you up.  God is so good to us for allowing us to love on you here on Earth.  I pray you come to know the Lord at an early age and that we can help you grow in your relationship with Him.  You are going to change the world, Wallace, and I pray it is in a way that will bring honor and glory to Him!!!

Love, Mommy and Daddy

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